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The Next Ragged Talks...

8th May Edinburgh Ragged University: Come along to the Counting House at 7pm to listen to Bob Redwater to share his Memoirs of an Edinburgh Poacher plus a talk on the Placebo Effect by Derek Howden...

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Now Lets Get Started

Now Lets Get Started

We understand how much there is to learn when starting up a business, because we’ve done it! So to help save you time when you’re starting your own business we’ve put everything we think you’ll need all together under one roof. And if you need an extra pair of hands to get up and running quickly, try our Ultimate Business Start-up Kit where we do the leg work for you!

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Free University Brighton by Ali Ghanimi


Free University Brighton, or FUB, is a community-led initiative that organises and promotes practical and academic education – all of it free.

Established in Oct 2012, in response to the Government’s education cuts and the tripling of tuition fees, FUB is about getting people to share their knowledge and experience in social spaces and invites people to ask for things they want to learn through the website’s wish list. Continue reading “Free University Brighton by Ali Ghanimi” »

Educational Transition and Reform: A Digest by Alex Dunedin

John Dewey

Integrating practical experience with classroom studies has long been regarded by some educators as a panacea for a host of educational problems such as increasing student interest in school, and stemming dropouts, while providing a stimulus for learning. Advocates maintain that by combining theory with practice, students see connections between their studies and the larger community, and develop abstract principles from practical application. Thus, according to this view, students find new meaning in their classwork developing internal control and motivation, and developing the ability to make reasoned, independent judgements.

This view took hold in the twentieth century, when a leading American educator, John Dewey, vigorously promoted ‘experience-based education’, an idea that laid the philosophical foundations for both the progressive education and the vocational education movements.

Continue reading “Educational Transition and Reform: A Digest by Alex Dunedin” »

Children’s University: Learning Beyond the Classroom by Mary Brittain


How do children learn? How are they motivated and inspired? How can we stimulate their curiosity, fire their imaginations, develop a desire to expand their knowledge and understanding of their environment?

Children’s University is a very simple concept: to recognise and celebrate learning that happens beyond the formal school curriculum. It is based on a number of fundamental principles: that the learning should be voluntary (self-initiated), owned by the child (self-directed), fun and interactive (self-sustained).

Children’s University recognises that learning can take place at any time, in a wide range of environments, from a museum to an airport, from sports clubs to country parks. The emphasis is on learning rather than ‘being taught’, and the experience need not be purely academic; it is often about developing practical skills and building confidence. Children engage in thinking, questioning, problem-solving and collaborative learning; they can access different styles of learning and take on different roles and responsibilities.

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